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In this written assignment I talk about two shorts stories. The first one is entitled “Through the tunnel” by Doris Lessing. The second story is entitled “Superman andPaula brown´s new snowsuit” and it was written by Sylvia Plath. I am talking about these two stories because both of them refer to the growing up theme. In both of them a child is the protagonist ofthe story. In “Through the tunnel” a boy wants to look older hanging out with boys that are older than him. To demonstrate that he is a strong boy he proposes himself to do what the other boys do, butonce he tried he realised that he was not older enough to do those things. In “Superman and Paula brown´s snowsuit” a world of war invades the innocent world of a little girl. She lives in a world offantasy until she realises that the world is not fair. She learns that the world isn´t just Superman or Snow White.
The important characters of “Superman and Paula brown´s new snowsuit” are thelittle girl, whose dream is to fly, and is fascinated by Superman; and her uncle Frank, who is her superman, her protector, her superhero. The theme of growing up in this short story is represented in thegirl. The way she changes along the story represents the growing up. She ignores the real world where she lives and she is always thinking in Superman or Snow White. She has to make very difficultdecisions on which group of friends go with, but she doesn’t care about which group to choose. She watches a part of a film about war. When she saw pictures of the film she started realising that she wasignoring all that is around her. She has a fight with another girl and because of that all the people that love her (her uncle and her mother) betray her. All these things make the growing up of thislittle girl. Everything in life cannot be a fantasy.
Now I will compare “Superman and Paula brown´s new snowsuit” to “Thought the tunnel”. Both stories talk about growing up but in “Through the...
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