Fundamentals of psycholinguistics

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Praise for Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics
“Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics contains an astonishing amount of information about speech and language use, all presented so deftly that reading is a pleasure.” Janet Dean Fodor, Graduate Center, City University of New York “What most shines through is the authors’ great enthusiasm for elucidating the ideas that drive contemporary research inpsycholinguistics. The wealth of their experience has produced a fresh, modern, and above all appealing introduction to this interdisciplinary field.” Dianne Bradley, Graduate Center, City University of New York “Fernandez and Cairns expose the mysteries of the human language ability by weaving together the insights gained from fifty years of psycholinguistic research into a highly readableintroductory text.” Lyn Frazier, University of Massachusetts, Amherst “The coverage of this textbook is exactly right for an introductory-level course. It offers clear and up-to-date information in every area without overwhelming the reader. The thread on multilingualism is unique.” Dana McDaniel, University of Southern Maine “The authors have done a masterful job of reviewing current and longstandingissues in Psycholinguistics in a balanced, engaging fashion. An excellent introduction to the field!” Janet Nicol, University of Arizona

Fundamentals of Linguistics Each book in the Fundamentals of Linguistics series is a concise and critical introduction to the major issues in a subfield of linguistics, including morphology, semantics, and syntax. The books presuppose little knowledge oflinguistics, are authored by well-known scholars, and are useful for beginning students, specialists in other subfields of linguistics, and interested non-linguists. What is Morphology? Mark Aronoff and Kirsten Fudeman What is Meaning? Fundamentals of Formal Semantics Paul H. Portner Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics Eva M. Fernández and Helen Smith Cairns

Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics
Eva M.Fernández and Helen Smith Cairns

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