Future trends in education

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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The development of the personal computer and the Internet has enabled man to transcend the barriers of physical distance. People no longer limit their learning to an educationalsetting such as a school or university. Learning can take place at home or at the office, by online distance learning. The future of technology will enable people to be life-long learners, Learning willcontinue into the work place where there is a "need to keep up with current information.
Learners do not have to depend on their memories. They can store information on their personal computers and beable to retrieve it at all times. The concept of knowledge has changed from having information in the brain, to having access to information about a particular topic and knowing how to use it.Teachers' roles will ultimately change since they will no longer be providers of information.
They will be facilitators who concentrate "on the teaching of social skills rather than academic or technicalexpertise however, "teacher-mediated classrooms do not foster computer-mediated learninglike future trends that will have "implications for education".

Future trends include, an increase inweb enabled courses, more home schoolers,
• New roles for teachers, a paradigm shift in primary education, new roles for schools and centralization of curriculum and instructional development(hablasobre los profess pero no digas q ya no habran profess ninaa de eso)

• The Internet and "distance education" as a trend that will become even more popular in the future.(hablasobreclases on line)And one of the most important future trends is the display of graphene
Having a laptop of graphene, a material capable of becoming a monitor because it is transparent, flexible, unbreakable touchalso has a single atom thick!
No doubt this element replaces books and notebooks facilitating student learning.
The future’sschools willevolve into becoming community centers where students engage...
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