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The Future With Going To
A Role-Playing Activity

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE TEACHER Students will practice asking and answering questions about the future in this role-playing activity. You may want toreview the grammar frames on page 53 of Spectrum Book Two before beginning this activity. You will need enough copies of the Student A Worksheet for half the class, and enough copies of the Student BWorksheet for the other half of the class. Divide the students into pairs and distribute the worksheets. One student in each pair is Student A, and the other student is Student B. Tell the studentsthey must use the information on their worksheets to ask and answer the questions. Give each pair six minutes to complete the activity—three minutes for Student A to ask about Student B’s weekend, andthree minutes for Student B to ask about Student A’s weekend. (You may want to use a timer to let the students know when three minutes are up.) Wrap up the activity by asking one Student A volunteerand one Student B volunteer to tell the class about their partner’s weekend.

Student A: Paula is going to go shopping this weekend. She is going to go with her sister Wendy and her friendLinda.

Spectrum Book 2, Unit 5 Copyright © 2002 by Pearson Education, Inc. Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.

The Future With Going To
Student A Worksheet

Ask your partnerthis question: What are you going to do this weekend? Then ask the questions in the box. When are you going to go Who is going to go with you? What are you going to (do, buy, see)? Where are you goingto go How are you going to get there? Are you going to ?

? ?

You must ask questions (and listen to your partner’s answers) until your teacher says to stop.

Read the following situation. Thisis your plan for this weekend. Your partner is going to ask you some questions about your plans for this weekend. Give short answers to all of your partner’s questions.

You are going to go skiing...
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