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Rita Marques, Mathieu Parisot, Christoph Uckermann, Fernando Gómez, Álvaro Castro |
01/11/2010 |


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List of key terms or acronyms used

I – General plan framework:
* Purpose:
The plan contains an analysis of the actual company situation in terms of human resources, including problems andpoints when it can be improved. It also contains an overview about the HR policies that should be applied, a detailed strategy for the coming year and a generally HR plan for the coming 3-5 years.
This plan can be really important to the several parts of the company.
To the management, it is useful because covers all the HR issues and can solve a lot of problems, namely can improve the employee’sproductivity due an improvement of their motivation.
To the HR department, it’s a guide to organize, implement and monitoring the necessary policies to benefit the company.
To the employees it’s a source of information about what the company expects from them, what they can get from the company and a lot of other subjects related with their work like knowing what they will be working on, forhow long, and with whom.

Summarily, we can say that this plan purpose is to maximize the employee’s productivity and satisfaction, though HR policies, to achieve the corporate goals pursuing the company strategy.

* Application:
This plan is applicable to all the company employees, including the business-level managers.

* Other considerations:
* To develop this plan, the HRteam reviewed past documents, conducted multiple management interviews, and several small group meetings to understand the potential issues which could affect the HR performance;
* This plan is aligned with the company mission, objectives, and integrated into its strategic, operational and performance plans;
* It’s responsibility of the human resources department to implement this plan;
*The approbation of this plan will be handled by the company management;
* In case of changes, it must be given to the management to re-approval;
* This plan respects all the German laws;

II – Actual situation and company evolution;

* Actual situation
The FUTURECAR is a company that produces components and semi-manufactured products for the (hybrid and electrical) automotiveindustry. The FUTURECAR is currently working in Germany for the last ten years and, apparently, has a great perspective of future.
In terms of human resources, the company has a long walk to make. There is no HR department and, consequently, no HR policies. The management team has been solving the HR problems and issues until now but this situation has become untenable due to the increasing of HRproblems. This situation forced FUTURECAR to contract a specialized HR team that can improve the company and give them the solution they need for the growing market.
The FUTURECAR has, now, 194 employees with the follow characteristics:
| 20-30 | 30-40 | 40-50 | 50 < |Number of employees | 17 | 37 | 53 | 87 |
Absenteeism | 6,8 | 5,5 | 4,3 | 4,1 |
Turnover-rate | 11,7 |13,5 | 5,6 | 1,1 |
Average employee satisfaction (1 = low, 10 = high) | 4,9 | 5,5 | 6,3 | 6,6 |

* Mission
Company’s mission statement: The FUTURECAR mission is to being a dynamic, innovator and...
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