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Product Data Sheet Diamond Jet® Gas-Fuel HVOF Spray Guns
The most popular family of gas-fueled HVOF spray guns worldwide, coatings applied using a Sulzer Metco Diamond Jet® spray gun are of very high quality and suitable for some of the toughest coating applications. Moreover, Diamond Jet® offers a lot of flexibility — customers can choose from a wide range of fuel gases, achoice of water or air cooled air caps and a choice of machine-mounted and hand-held gun versions. The Sulzer Metco Diamond Jet® family of spray guns for HVOF has been developed to produce high integrity coatings of metals, alloys, superalloys and carbides. Coatings sprayed with a Diamond Jet gun exhibit high density, low oxide content, superior microhardness and high adhesion with excellentmachinability. Diamond Jet® guns can be supplied with a water-cooled front section, which allow the gun to produce higher particle velocities, maximizing coating substrate and interparticle bonding. In general, water-cooled Diamond Jet® guns also have higher coating densities, higher hardness and lower oxide content. For mission critical applications and applications where service life must be maximized,the use of the water-cooled Diamond Jet® gun is strongly recommended. Customers can choose from a variety of fuel gases to use with their Diamond Jet® guns, depending on gas availability, cost and coating quality required. Machine-mount gun configurations are available for use with automated HVOF thermal spray systems as well as hand-held models, which may be used with manual systems. SulzerMetco’s Diamond Jet® series guns are designed and engineered with safety as an important element. Through extensive research and development, coupled with many years of experience, Sulzer Metco has forged a system of reliable, safe HVOF spray equipment, processes and procedures. When safety recommendations and specifications are followed, Sulzer Metco’s equipment can be utilized with complete confidence.CE versions of Diamond Jet® guns meet all safety requirements for European installations and operations, when ordered with a safety handle.
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Product Data Sheet • Diamond Jet® Guns


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General DescriptionCustomers can order their Diamond Jet® gun for use with different fuel gases. High quality coatings can be produced using natural gas (methane), ethylene, propane or propylene as the fuel gas. For critical applications requiring superior coating quality and service life, hydrogen fuel gas is recommended. As the Diamond Jet® process operates at high pressure, controllers and powder feeders designed forthe HVOF process must be used.

The Diamond Jet® process uses oxygen, fuel gas and air to produce a high pressure annular flame, which provides uniform heating of the axially introduced powder spray material. The gas stream is accelerated through a converging/diverging nozzle to supersonic speeds. The gas stream propels the powder particles towards the substrate. Individual particles deformplastically upon impact, tenaciously bonding the coating to the substrate. These coatings are very dense, with low porosity, predictable chemistries and fine, homogeneous microstructures. The axial powder injection focuses the coating material within the center of the flame, eliminating coating material buildup on the walls of the extended air cap and minimizing wear. Diamond Jet® guns offer efficientoperation, using less process gas compared to other HVOF spray guns. The standard, water-cooled guns consume minimal quantities of water, with only potable (drinking water) quality required at line pressures as low as 2.76 bar (40 psi). Material spray rates, depending on gun configuration and material applied, can be as high as 150 g/min (20 lb/h), thus reducing spray times.

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