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Gas to the State of the matter has no way nor own volume aggregation is called. Its main composition are not United, expanded molecules and with little force of attraction, doing have novolume and defined, way causing this expand to deal with all the volume of the container containing the, with regard to gases for gravity forces and attraction between particles are insignificant.
If you want more tune or if you want to measure the behavior of any gas which escapes the ideal behavior will be necessary to resort to the equations of real gases that are varied and morecomplicated the more precise. Real gases are not expanded infinitely, but it would come a time in which not concentrate more volume. This is because among their atoms/molecules is laying forces quitesmall, due to random changes in their electrostatic charges, called by van der Waals forces. The behavior of a gas usually more match ideal behavior the simplest is its chemical formula and smaller istheir reactivity, tendency to form links.
Law of Boyle
When the volume and pressure from a certain amount of gas is maintained at a constant temperature, the volume will be inversely proportional to thepressure: PV = K (where K is constant if the temperature and the mass of gas remain constant). When you increase the pressure, volume decreases; if the pressure decrease the volume increases.
Law ofCharles

A given pressure, the volume occupied by a gas is directly proportional to its temperature.
Law of Gay-Lussac

Gas, which keeps constant volume, pressure is directly proportional totemperature
The ideas gas law
The three above-mentioned laws can be combined mathematically in the so-called general law of gases. Its mathematical expression is:

Being P pressure, V the volume, nthe number of moles, the universal constant of ideal gases R and T temperature in Kelvin.
Behaviour of gases
There are four measurable quantities that are of great interest for the thermal...
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