Gathering blue

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Guide Questions for The Gathering Blue

1. Who is the protagonist of the novel? Identify him or her by name, age, family and occupation.
The protagonist of the novel is Kira, ateenage girl with a leg deformed from birth. Mother Katrina 9dead) and her father’s name is Christopher. Kira is chosen to maintain the "Singer's Robe," a unique and very important ceremonial garment wornonly once a year at a celebration called the Gathering.

2. Write the names of the most important characters in the novel.
a. Kira
b. Matt
c. Jo
d. Thomase. Jamison

3. What is the main idea of the novel? The main idea of the novel is the human rights, values in the society

4. Write a brief summary (synopsis) of the novelKira, a teenage girl with a leg deformed from birth lives in a cruel society. She must learn how to survive in a society with leaves the disable exposed to die in the fields. Kira survive because ofher skill at embroidery. She was taken to work in the Council of the village for restoring the symbolic robe that is integral to the Ruin Song Gathering (important local ceremony). When Kira works onthe rope, she searches that the color blue was missing and the true about her society and the members of the council. Kira finds the true about her world with the help of two other artists that workingfor the council and a friend of the village. She uses the knowledge to change things.

5. When and where does the story take place? Undefined

6. Write about something interesting thathappened in the story
When she realized they would do anything to get their skills. Even kill their parents and held them captive and when Kira’s father appeared.

7. The action takeplace most in the building known as the Edifice.

8. What the climax or high point of the story? When Kira found that her father Christopher was still alive and he was brought by Matt....
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