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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2010
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Paul Neruda Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto Chilean Poet Was born on July 12, 1904 in Vine arbor, people(village) of the central zone of Chile. His(her,your) father, Jose del Carmen Reyes wasrailway, his(her,your) mother, Rosa Neftalí Basoalto, died to the month of his(her,your) birth affected by the tuberculosis. Past some years it(he,she) moved together with his(her,your) father toTemuco, city newly been founded on the rainy and forest heart of the Border, very in the southern part, where it(he,she) had contracted new nuptials with dona Trinidad Candia Valverde (or Marverde, sinceit(he,she) will nominate her the poet). From very young he(she) felt the call of the poetry(poem) (the seudónimom, chosen because "Paul" because he(she) likes the sound and "Neruda" taken of the Czechpoet Jan Neruda, began to use it when scarcely he(she) was sixteen years old). It(he,she) knew across Gabriela Mistral the Russian novelists, that the poet admired all his(her,your) life. It(he,she)dealed Frenchman's studies, in order to turn in professed, aim(lens) that did not manage. One day Paul knows the sea: " when I was for the first time opposite to the ocean remain startled(frightened).There between(among) two big hills (the Huilque and the Maule) the fury of the sea was developing. It was not only the immense covered with snow waves that were getting up to many meters of height onour heads, but an uproar of colossal heart, the throb of the universe ". From this precise moment, the sea happens(passes) to be his(her,your) principal obsession. Past some time, it(he,she) decidesto continue for his(her,your) side, for what it(he,she) leaves the dad's house. The hand of the father dismisses(sees off) it on the station like it pushing to a destination(destiny) in the teaching,while he(it) meets conquering the literary capital. In Santiago, it(he,she) divides his(her,your) life between(among) the Pedagogic one of the University of Chile, where the first prize of the...
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