Gender inequality

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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Throughout the human history people has been divided depending on their sex characteristics when born and giving a set of rules and regulations related to their classification. It is being normal to assign roles that do not require intense work to the women and to the men works that require strength and heavy physical activity. For sociologists it was necessary to find and appropriatedefinition for biological sex and gender to make easy the study the sex influence in a culture without mixing genetic and biological characteristic with the social aspects of the individuals.

Henslin (2010), defines sex as “biological characteristics that distinguish females and males, consisting of primary and secondary characteristics” (p. 228). Sex is that distinctive feature of our bodies thatmakes natural differences between women and men. Those biological and genetic differences are in our bodies and in most of the animals for reproduction purposes and one is the complement of the other to contribute to the reproductive process necessary for a community to survive. Gender is also defined by Henslin (2010) as “the behavior and attitudes that a society considers proper for its malesand females; masculinity or feminity” (p. 228). Gender to me is just a social presentation; whatever works for the culture we are born in regarding our sexual category is what sociologists called gender. Every society has rules and regulations set for what they consider appropriate conduct for women or men. These rules are in many cases arbitrary and based on body strength. We are believed tobe fragile and we should be performing activities not so important that may not require the strength of a man. This powerful position given to men has created a big division between what a woman can accomplish and what men can achieve. We have been seen as the ones in need of protection and men as the protectors and providers. This difference created a set of roles for women that include raisingchildren, attending the husbands, cook, clean and teach the kids. Men on the other hand have the role of provider, working outside of the house hunting for the food to bring home and feed the women and the children. It really makes sense since the men are built stronger and the female body although she can do the job will have a little more difficult due to her delicate body. The differencebetween whoever brings the food home gives the provider privileges and takes away some right from the one who does not produce at home. There are communities where women are not allowed to drive a car, or where the rate of abortions is high because the girls are not welcome in the community. Women in many places are seen as a problem for men who have to waste their time protecting them. In mycountry we are still obligated to learn since young age how to be a good wife, we need to learn how to cook so we can feed our men and children and after married we have to ask for permission to do some activities. When I came to this country it was a real relief, I learned how to drive, I had more independence and since my husband was raised in this country, he is more open minded so I do not feellike in prison.
Violence is one of the consequences of gender inequality, Henslin (2010) states that being raped in USA is a normal fear for women. (p.256). It is indeed a fear not only for American women but for women around the world. Any woman can be a victim; on Henlin (2010) Table 8.2 based on statistical abstract of the United States 2000, women between 16 and 19 years old are moresusceptible to be part of the rape statistic. On table 8.3 based on statistical abstract of the United States, the rapist is most of the time somebody the victim knows or a total stranger. In many cases teens are victims of their or family, including fathers, stepfathers, brothers, and step brothers. There was a case in Colombia S.A. where a men had 4 kids with her biological daughter, he argued...
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