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The subwoofer is supplied with a mains
cable and operating manual. Once unpacked
check that the subwoofer voltage
selector switch is set to the correct
setting and then place the subwoofer in
asuitable position. The amplifier panel
and ports can be positioned facing a
wall or pointing upwards, they should
never be facing the floor. Before connecting
the audio signals, ensure that
boththe subwoofer and the main monitors
are switched off. Audio connections
to the subwoofer are made via
balanced XLR and balanced 1/4" jack
connectors. Signals from the source
are fed to the 1029Ainput connector,
and signals for the subwoofer are taken
from the 1029A sub output connectors
(see Figure 1 below). When used in
Figure 2: The effect of phase on the system.
Figure 1: How tocable the system.
conjunction with the 1029A the bass
"roll-off" (switch 2) on the 1029A should
be in the ON position. Once all connections
have been made, the subwoofer
and main monitors are readyto be
powered up.
Avoiding an uneven frequency response.
Considering a usual room, a free standing
speaker is always surrounded by
walls that will generate reflections. These
walls act asacoustical mirrors to the
speaker's radiation, enhancing (see top
of figure 2) or cancelling (bottom part of
figure 2), the direct sound at the listening
position. The cancellation occurs at
a certainfrequency which is primarily
determined by the distance from the
sub to the front wall, however the distance
to other walls also affects the
cancellation frequency.
Moving the cancellationfrequency
There are basically two ways to overcome
this problem. The first is to position
the speakers far enough from the
wall to move the interference dip below
the operating range of the speaker. Tomove the dip down to 30 Hz, the distance
needed is 2.8 meters. This would
not be possible in most rooms simply
because of lack of space.
The second method is to push the
speaker as close to...
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