As400 software installation process

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Software installation process

The i5/OS® software installation process has three phases: preinstallation activities, the main installation, and postinstallation activities.

1.Preinstallation activities:

You can do these activities days or even a few weeks in advance. To plan and prepare your system before you install your software, use the appropriate planning and preparationtopics to guide you through the activities that you need to do.

• Upgrading to V5R4 from either V5R2 or V5R3: Checklist: i5/OS software upgrade or replacement readiness

•Replacing Licensed Internal Code and i5/OS of the same version and release to support new hardware: Checklist: i5/OS software replacement

• Installing V5R4 on a new system or logical partition:Checklist: i5/OS software installation readiness

These activities include verifying your order, checking the amount of available disk space, backing up your system, and cleaning your mediadevice. In a software upgrade or replacement, some of the tasks are required. If you do not perform these required tasks, you will be forced to restart the installation.

2. The installationprocess:

The installation process begins when you start performing the instructions in one of the procedural topics. For example, to upgrade to the new release, you might have chosen automaticinstallation. The automatic installation process installs the Licensed Internal Code, the operating system (i5/OS), and licensed programs. You would have minimal interaction with the system, except to loadthe optical distribution media and to monitor the system.

Your only installation activity might be changing the primary language or installing additional licensed programs. Or, perhaps youwant to perform these activities after an automatic or manual installation.

3. Postinstallation activities:

The last step of each procedure directs you to use a completion checklist....
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