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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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What is generosity?
• Generosity is the value of giving things without waiting something in change

Generosity is one of the mostimportat values in the world, persons would be more friendly to us if we are generous, I have one important phrase:
“the person thatdon´t live to serve , is not good to live”.

But In what Generosity help us? Generosity helps us everywhere in every moment, for example,let’s suppose that when you were rich you helped a friend, but now you don´t have any money and you need some to pay many debts, nowbecause he knows that when he didn´t have money you helped him, now he can help you in what he can, for free, that is how generosity works.Maybe you need the favor back, but when you make a generous act, and you did not make it for something else you feel very good withyourself.

But generosity does not only includes being generous with money, you can be generous helping someone when he/she haveproblems, for example I have problems with my girlfriend, im crying, and my friend comes and tell me things to feel better or to improve thethings with her.

In conclutions I think this value is very important , this value can really change the world, for example help theAfrican people, if every people in world give one thing to one of them think how this could really work ! If you change, many things too.
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