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Name: Julian Puerto
Professor: Gretchen Gebhardt Rough Draft
Climate Change and Sinking Venice
Cities and islands all around the world are starting to feel the waves of climates change´seffects in these days. Tales of sinking cities and waterless nations are being told all over the place. It rains where it´s not supposed to, while some places in the world lack of fresh water.Weathermen can no longer predict Mother Nature’s unpredictable moves.
Climate change is a change in the normal distribution of weather patterns. For example, excessive rainfall in a place where a hundredyears ago barely rained is a sign of climate change. The causes range from human abuse of natural resources to Mother Nature playing around with the world. Since it is too late to halt the causes ofthis change, the effects are what´s important right now. Climate change is causing the poles to melt, releasing enormous amounts of pure water into the ocean, raising its level and flooding coastalcities.
The North and South poles are facing an alarming inconvenience. Both of them are melting at an extremely fast rate. This presents problems for the health of the animals and the earth itself. Inthe north, Polar bears face a vague outlook since longer summers are causing a reduction of the sea ice on which they depend on for hunting seals. Some scientists have used satellites to calculate thesea ice thickness, revealing that the ice is 40% thinner than is was 40 years ago. This loss of ice also accelerates global warming, as less of the sun’s heat is reflected back into space by the ice.On the South Pole, a giant iceberg the size of Scotland is melting swiftly because of contact with warm Antarctic waters. Something similar happened about one year ago, when Larson B, a floatingice shelf that borders the east coast of the Antarctic peninsula, crashed and collapsed with the main coast. Some scientists argue that with Larsen B melting, apparently the release of freshwater from...
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