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Implementation language(s)

Back end

Launch Date

Dynamic documentation integration/generation



| |MantisBT|Various (Open source contributors) |GPLv2 |PHP |ADOdb (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, etc) |2000 |Yes, Integration of MediaWiki, DokuWiki, XWiki |Yes |No | |Redmine |Jean-Philippe Lang |GPL |Ruby onRails |MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite |2006 |Yes, integrated wiki, discussion forums, news blogs, email integration, calendars, Gantt Charts, export to PDF, export to Excel/CSV |Yes |Yes | |Fossil |D. RichardHipp |BSD |C |SQLite |2006 |Yes, Integrated Wiki in addition to integrated versioned project documentation via web ui. |Yes |No | |Trac |Edgewall Software |New BSD |Python |SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL|01/10/2006 |Yes, integrated wiki |Yes |No | |Request Tracker |Best Practical Solutions, LLC |GPL |Perl |MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite |1996 |Yes |Yes |Yes | |GLPI |INDEPNET |GPL |PHP |MySQL|17/11/2003 |Wiki syntax, email notification, linking to Subversion commits, custom fields/values for issues |  |  | |Roundup |Ka-Ping Yee, Richard Jones |MIT license (ZPL v 2.0 for the template system)|Python |SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Berkeley DB |Unknown |
wiki can be integrated or linked

|Yes |Yes | |Bugzilla |Mozilla Foundation |MPL |Perl |MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL |19/09/1998 |reporting:integrated reports and charts, scheduled reports by mail |Yes |Yes | |Debbugs |Debian |GPL |Perl |Flatfile, BDB indexes |Unknown |No |Yes |Yes | |GNATS |Free Software Foundation |GPL |C |MySQL |1992 |No|Yes |No | |Liberum Help Desk |Doug Luxem |GPL |ASP |SQL Server, Access |2000 |No |Yes |No | |Simpleticket |Spur |GPL [1] |Ruby on Rails |MySQL, PostgreSQL |Unknown |No |Yes |No | |org-mode |CarstenDominik |GPLv3 |Emacs Lisp |text file(s) |Unknown |No |No |No | |Flyspray | |LGPL |PHP |Mysql, PostgreSQL |2003 |No |Yes |No | |ikiwiki |Joey Hess |mostly GPLv2 (mixed) |Perl |git,...
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