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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Get Yourself Promoted - How to Move up the Career Ladder

Get Yourself Promoted is a practical guide to help with career progression, covering career planning, CV polishing and making yourselfindispensable.

Especially in the current economic climate, career progression has perhaps never been as important as it is today. Due to high levels of redundancy and unemployment, the competition tomove up the career ladder is extremely fierce, making it important to take some time to look at different steps one can take to get promoted.
Get Yourself Promoted – How to Move up the Career LadderGet Yourself Promoted - How to Move up the Career Ladder, is a very readable, concise and practical resource for anyone aiming for career progression. A part of the "Steps To Success" series, thisbook is a must-have for those who feel they have much potential and want to know how to make themselves as indispensable within the workplace. Rather than regretting what might have been, it is wellworth looking in to the various ways in which opportunities within the work environment may be grasped with both hands.
In addition, having a clear guide to work through with plenty of helpful adviceand practical suggestion on reaching one's career aspirations, will certainly reduce stress levels. Step by step instructions will also help to boost both self-esteem and self-confidence, which are twovaluable assets when working towards moving up the career ladder.
Get Yourself Promoted - Book Overview
The book begins with a short quiz containing seven questions with simple a/b/c answersrequired, as a means to assess one's strengths and weaknesses in terms of how promotable one is within the workplace. Get Yourself Promoted is divided into eight brief but informative chapters, which includethe following:
* Weighing up pros/cons of promotion
* Making yourself promotable
* Developing presence
* Managing your image – creating an impact
* Standing out from the crowd –...
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