Girls guide to hunting and fishing

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With only two exceptions, Bank's stories focus on the life and personal development of Jane. We are introduced to her at age fourteen and watch her flounder through two long-term relationships beforeshe fully accepts herself and achieves what we are left to assume is romantic bliss. By thus tracking this individual character, Bank is able to focus on numerous aspects of the experience of comingof age as a woman in the late twentieth century. The process for Jane is a treacherous one that only becomes smoother with self-acceptance.
Jane is also the mouthpiece for most of Bank's statementsabout the importance of familial bonds. Jane, though an urbane Manhattan professional, remains committed to her family to a degree that seems almost old-fashioned. Her reliance on her father anddifficulty in accepting his passing underscore the real value of family. Furthermore, her relationship with her brother, Henry, receives a substantial amount of attention. Their sparring and mutual supportrepresent the two sides of sibling interaction. Though often competitive or even malicious, Henry and Jane, like all siblings, lean heavily on each other for support and advice.
Even more thanHenry, however, Jane's father plays a key role in her maturation. His voice, even more than Jane's mother's, serves as a mouthpiece for Bank to make her own statements about the absurdity of how peopletreat one another. He counsels Jane when she becomes confused at her brother's first breakup; he advises her again when she experiences difficulty in her first co-habitation; he even teaches her how tocope with death: first by consoling her at her Aunt Rita's passing, then by comforting her at his own. Jane's father is Bank's best argument for maintaining the integrity of the nuclear family; sheargues that it provides a bedrock of stability otherwise absent in the modern world.
The most unstable part of the modern world seems to be the romantic sphere, most conspicuously occupied by Archie...
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