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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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Jordan Townsend
Global 110: 1-Pager
The focus of this paper is an analysis and brief summary of Richard Sennett’s book, The Culture of the New Capitalism, specifically the chapter titled“Bureaucracy.” In this chapter Sennett describes the shifts that have occurred in present day in regards to capitalism and corporate bureaucracies as becoming more diffuse, unstable, and decentered. In therecent past, bureaucracies were viewed as pyramid-like corporate structures in which each individual knew their specific place and role within the corporate structure. During this time, individuals wereable to plan their corporate road maps with relative security. However, today modern corporations no longer provide long-term stability, benefits, social capital, or interpersonal trust. In presentday, large corporations are laying off their work force during hard economic times in order to stay relevant and remove superfluous members of the corporation’s work force. Sennett begins by looking atbureaucracy during early capitalism and states that most businesses were short lived and unstable. However, towards the later half of the 19th century, corporations and businesses were becoming modeledafter strict and militaristic lines in which each individual role was clearly defined and an individual’s career progression could be easily mapped out. Individuals were expected to work their way upthe social pyramid, with hopes of making it to the top some day. Sennett argues that today this is no longer the case and that modern capitalists look at this model with disapprovement and are helddown by the superfluous employees who render the corporation unable to compete effectively.
Capitalism’s need for a reset is increasingly reflected in the education system that this universityactively participates within. Superficial characteristics should not be used to evaluate an individual, but instead focus on creative and original accomplishments including: forming their own company,...
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