Global warming

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Unit 1, Week 4 Reflective Journal & the Take Away

1. I want to say that everybody in the class agreed with the issue of global warming. With the negligence of many countries to attack a problemthat is been around for years. Also, the big controversy about the agreement to cut back the emissions of greenhouse gases. It seems that the big countries are discussing and wasting time pointingfingers at each other on who to blame for such disaster.
2. I have to agree that global warming is permanently affecting us in different ways, it's causing human and material losses. I feel that if we donot take immediate steps to stop this rampage in about 100 years from now there would be major consequences for humanity and all living creatures. The excessive emission of greenhouse gases such asmethane, CO2, nitrous dioxide, etc. are a major cause of global warming. Also the indiscriminated deforestation of forest which are the lungs of the planet. I believe that this issue requires urgentattention from all governments of all countries of the world to implement plans and environmental measures to prevent the continuation of this problem. Also to enforce laws against excessive emission ofgreenhouse gases by large industries and factories. Also to promote plans that support the usage of natural gas instead of fossil fuels that hurts the environment.
3. I feel that there is a wholeconcept behind global warming and every culture has their own opinion and feelings about it. For example, Brazil is in the process of industrialization and progress so for them it might not be a bigdeal the emission of greenhouse gases just because they have their mind set and their own arguments. We may not understand them but it's theirs. A lot of things are involved such as culture, socialvalues, economy, and the list goes on and on. This global warming issue it's bigger than I thought, the complexibility behind it it's incredible.
4. I would like to talk about clip 4 (Demographic...
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