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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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The girl with the dragon tattoo

This film is about a reporter who is defamed and a young man who has led a life quite difficult, since during the film issurrounded by people just abuse it. The story tells us about the supposed death of a young woman named Harriet, which respects and murión in rare situations, which aftera major investigation by the reporter and the dragon tattooed girl realize she is not dead and that due to sexual abuse by her father and her brother decides toflee to avoid a continuation humiliated by their father and brother, who were Semitic people, involved in killing women. Realizing who was the alleged killer,reappears and explains everything about his disappearance.

This film looks like the loss of values and lack of moral causes people to fall into abuses and lack ofcharacter to take on his mistakes and face their consequences, as when the two women protagonists suffer from emotional and sexual abuse by simply because they are women,all this due to lack of rationality and human dignity, and who see only the satisfaction of their own profits.

Although most of the film falls into the abuse,immorality, deception and bad habits so teaches us how ancient and bizarre handled before and handled and treated prior to leaving people without rights, dignity andhurting their minds and bodies, for that reason we must remember that we are a society and that despite the customs and habits that we need to respect differences,as each of these give us character and personality, likewise remember and offering respect and valuing people living together will be easier and everyday life.
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