Golden cat

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2012
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The golden cat
At the Chinese culture, they have many superstitions at many kinds of amulets and charms which are supposed to bring good luck andprotect the person who believe in it. One example is the golden cat, which function with batteries and constantly moves his paw up and down.
The meaningof this amulet is quite contradictory but is interpreted depending the culture of the person that is using it. This amulet is related to economy, it isbelieved that if you put this cat at the entrance of your business or house, it will bring money and good trades yet this is not always effective.When I was a kid, I remember that my aunt used to believe in this kind of charms and amulets for she buy some all the time in order to always have goodluck. She hoped not to be scammed, nor hasn’t she been robbed so she putted several of them at the entrance of her business and house. But this figuresused to scary me, because since I was little, I didn’t understood how this cat function and I thought that it was diabolic and moved by itself withoutany kind of energy .
Another charm I remember my aunt used to have at mi cousins bedrooms was called the “dream catcher”, which is supposed to preventor remove insomnia or nightmares especially for kids or young people who usually are stressed or worried about something, it was really strangebecause in order to use this dream catcher you had to hang it above your bed specifically above your pillow, where your head will be when you go to sleep.
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