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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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What are the important qualities of a good teacher? Use reasons and examples to explain why theses qualities are so important?.

Being an excellent teacher requires important qualities. Theway of teaching is essential to catch the student’s interest. The command of the topic is also important to excel as a good teacher. Furthermore, being a professor means to be a friendly and easy goingperson. Indeed, a teacher needs skills to show himself as an integral person inside and outside the classroom.

First, the techniques that he uses during the class allow achieving the purposeof the topic. The way of teaching have different methods, it depends about the students personality to select which is the best. For example, at biology class, It is important for a professororganize outdoor activities to explain some characteristics about species. Going to natural museums, or national parks will be more efficient than a theory class.

Next, the knowledge about the topicis important to show to the class how expert you can be in the field. The interest of the student will be increased, because of the wide command of the teacher. For instance, a good teacher explainsthe final result about one experiment in the NASA. Another thing is that the updated information that the teacher share with their students. For instance, the teacher can manage latest statisticsabout the population in some region of the word. Moreover, a teacher can explain in an simple way any question. For instance, a good teacher can manage any situation to understand the topic.Lastly, the personality of the teacher is important to create a relationship with the students. A teacher can be a good friend with the students. For instance, A teacher who accept to help the students,with extra classes, extra credits, among others shows his concern about the student’s interest.

To sump up, a good teacher can show his quality as a professional in different situations. The...
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