Everyday uses of computer

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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2010
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1 Everyday uses of computer
Mast machines are designed to do one job. Computers are different they are general purpose machines. By changing the program instructions. Computers can be used toprocess information in very different ways. For example, a Word processor program allows the computer to process text, a spreadsheet program enables the computer to perform calculations; a databaseprogram is used for searching and sorting records and a browser program is used for looking at page son the internet the internet is the connection of computers from different parts of the world.Computers are therefore mused in almost every type of work and are found almost everywhere. Computer equipment is known as hardware and programs and data are called software.
Avariety of devices can beattached to a computer. Input devices are used to enter date into the computer for processing. An input device called a magnetic ink character reader (MICR) is used to read characters printed usingmagnetic ink. Magnetic ink characters are commonly found on bank Cheques.
An optical input device called a barcode reader uses the reflection of a light beam to read a sequence of printed parallel barscalled a barcode. The bars are of different thickness, and each sequence of bars represents a different number according to a standard code. Barcode labels are used to code items. Each item cam beidentified by a computer, using a barcode reader to scan the labels. Barcodes are used in industry, shops and supermarkets for stock control and to allow a computer to look up the price of items beingpurchased.
By the end of this unit, students should be better at:
Asking and answering simple questions about computing asking for help when they don not understand listening and scanning atext for general information.
They should be able to:
Understand the difference between countable and uncountable nouns use articles more accurately.

They should know and be able to use these...