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Some people wonder how The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, even though it was written in the early 20’s, can still be applied to now a days situations regarding human condition. Pessimism is strongly applied by Fitzgerald in this novel, giving us the idea that even if you “work hard” in order to obtain what you want, there is a big possibility that you will not actually get what youdesire. Nevertheless Fitzgerald wants us to understand that in the end the only thing that keeps us going is hope, and this will not perish until our last breath. Fitzgerald shows this pushing and pulling between pessimism and optimism in Gatsby’s past and present life and also in Nick’s last view of things.
Gatsby’s past life is really pessimistic overall but still, Fitzgerald has reasons to makeus see this. James Gatz is presented in chapter 6 as a young man from a poor North Dakota’s background. His love for the high social class made him drop out of college, due to the janitorial job he was forced to do in order to pay his studies. (Fitzgerald 96) Disregarding that, James had a plan to become a high social class member and his father, Henry C. Gatz, shows us young James’ “GeneralResolves”. “No wasting time… No more smoking or chewing. Bath every other day. Read one improving book or magazine per week. Save $5.00[crossed out] $3.00 per week. Be better to parents.” (Fitzgerald 164). This general resolves show a hard working James who is pushing himself in order to get what he wants. But even if he does, he then realizes he cannot actually be victorious. The American Dream inwhich young James believed so blindly, which consists in making money according to the work made, is now being challenged by the harsh reality that shows that honest work will never get him to be a high social class member. James starts working for a wealthy man called Dan Cody and then decides to rename himself, adopting now the name of “Jay Gatsby”. The fact that he works so closely and actuallybonds to Cody shows how James transforms to become Jay Gatsby who is now more in love with the high social class. Before meeting Cody, James didn’t actually have any contact with this wealthy life, but still he desired it. And now that Gatsby has been able to taste the privileges of it, desires it even more. At Cody’s death, still holding on to the dream, hoping to succeed in an overall degree,Gatsby joins the army. During his training time he meets Daisy, a young girl from an East Coast family. Jay falls in love with her, and even more, with her “royalty” status. But even if Gatsby’s desire is eminent, he is still poor. He then leaves off to war, promising to meet Daisy in his return. After serving in the force, Gatsby goes back to Oxford to then hear about Daisy’s marriage with TomBuchanan. Now Gatsby instead of admit defeat, he resolved to become a man of the wealth and status he imagines could win Daisy’s love back. This decision is merely taken by Gatsby as his own way to clinch with everything he has, hope, to the fulfillment of the dream. As if it wasn’t enough yet, Gatsby just forgets about the idea of making honest money, this is because the nature of the dream itselfchanged to making money any way in order to get Daisy back. This way Jay starts making money by bootlegging, easy money that quickly took him to live in a fancy mansion in West Egg, which is across an inlet from where Daisy and Tom live. Fitzgerald then makes obvious that all of these moves were merely made by the blind hope Gatsby has towards fulfilling his new changed dream.

Gatsby’s present lifeis the result of him pursuing a dream that could have been considered dead, but was brought back to life by the blind hope he has into it. Since Gatsby has moved to the East egg following Daisy, he has tried to catch her attention by throwing big parties. These parties have no reason to be, other than to show off the wealth he has acquired and he, mistakenly, thinks that if Daisy sees his wealth...
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