Green ox

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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Situation Background
This document presents Green Ox - a new line of sports beverage with added benefit of antioxidants by Palmer Jackson, Incorporated a food and beverage manufacturer locatedinCincinati. In this report we view in determining a marketing strategy for Palmer Jackson, Inc. Allmarket research were done by Marketing Studies Incorporated (MSI). The research yieldedconsiderabledata that was expected to become useful for the competition. MSI found out somestrengths, weaknesses, oppurtunity, and also threats.The strengths include: (1) the use of these vitamins and mineralsto a reduced risk of certain types of cancers, (2) the firm found out that sports drinks are one of the fastest-growingcategories of the beverage market, growing to 15% per year, (3) the special blendsof carbohydrates found in sports drinks quickly provide fuel to working muscles and (4) it containsvarious electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and chloride, which restore andmaintainhydration.For its weaknesses: (1) because of the added cost of the antioxidants, Green Ox wasmore expensive to produce than other sports drinks which may cost to $0.20 per 20 ouncebottle and (2) for Green Ox,each additional flavor would require considerable financialresources.Oppurtunities for Palmer Jackson were: (1) Grocery retailers viewed the sports drinkcategory as important to the overall image of thestore, (2) Palmer Jackson Incorporated felt thegrowing consumer interest in antioxidants and the growth in the sports drink market, (3)customers were more loyal to flavor than brand. Finally, thethreats for the company were: (1) At over 50%, croc Ade had by far thegreatest unit market share, (2) Palmer Jackson realized that Green Ox would also compete withother forms of antioxidants, and (3)II.
ith the given strengths and oppurtunities, we suggesat that since consumers are morelikely interested with the product¶s benefits, rather than the brand, it is advisable that...