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  • Publicado : 4 de octubre de 2010
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Jalil Jassir

October 2010


I. Definition
II. Introduction
III. Henry David Thoreau
A. simplicity of life
B. civil disobedience
IV. Ralph Waldo EmersonA. nature and man are connected
B. trust yourself
V. Whitman
A. your soul
B. everything is a miracle
C. nature and man complement each other or stabilityTranscendentalism is basically a literature, a culture, and a naturist religion; born in America, more specifically in New England around 19th century. It is a political and philosophical movement based in protestsagainst: the culture, the society, and man analyze.
We read some of the most important writers of THIS movement and some of their more important writers; analyzing a little bit the way of thinkingand seeing the world from each one of them eyes. In this essay I will explain, in mi concept, the most important messages that Henry Davis Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Whitman try to send us intheir readings.
Let’s begin with Henry David Thoreau. On his readings: (...........................); we were able to notice strong criticisms towers society and American government as well as hecriticize mans and their way of living. when I say that he makes strong criticisms of the human way of life in the cities I am basing in .......... reading, where he explains he is living on a lonelyfarm away from the city where life becomes much simpler. He said that in the cities people are focusing too much in the small problems that could have no importance, and that with so many smallproblem they become bigger problems witch mortify live of people in the cities making them live a life that is so simple as complex and difficult. THIS is, in general, the most notable criticize towers manlife and way of living.
When I refer to the critics of society and to the government made by Thoreau I want to make reference of what he said that in general you have to respect people and...
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