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Review 1:

-write the correct to be

1.-i´m playing the piano rigth now.
2.-roger and rachell are drinking water.
3.-my brother is cooking the food.
4.-sue and joe are Reding a book.
5.-weare learning english.

-rewrite the same sentences but now in negative form.

1.-I´m not playing the piano rigth now.
2.-roger ando rachell aren´t drinking water.
3.-my brother isn´t cookingthe food.
4.-sue and joe aren´t Redding a book.
5.-we aren´t learning english.

-write the correct to be in past and the correct …ing form.

1.-brendon was writing some e-mails last night.2.-roland was studiying mathematics ten minutes ago.
3.-angie, Arnold, and armando were fixing their car last year.
4.-they were Redding english last semestre.
5.-brenda and hugo were cleaning theirhouse.

-write the correct form of each verb using present tense.

1.-alex wash his clothes on sundays.
2.-alexa and axel does their homework every day.
3.-fred and ernest listened to theirparents.
4.-tommy goes to school on week days.

-rewrite the same examples but now in interrogative.

1.-does alexa wash his clothes on saturdays?
2.-does alexa and axel do their homework everyday?
3.-fred and ernest listen to their parents?
4.-does tommy go to school on week days?

Review 2:

-complete the next.


I yo
You tu
She ella
It eso
You ustedes
They ellos

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