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Helen a naylor is a brithish born animator, ceramicist and a glass bead creator now living on the gold coast, australia. Helen naylor has been teaching english to adults for over 30 years , and is cambridge esol examiner. She has written a variety of English language teaching titles, ranging from exam practice to readers, and she is also the main author of the brand new Essentialgrammar in use cd -room.
Chracters :
* Stephen martins: aged thirty two, he worked for an advertising agency, he lived in London, he was married for ten years. He has dark and curry hair , he had a few grey hairs but he didn’t mind to much, in fact , he rather liked the idea of a few which might make him look serious (page 6) , he was a lovely person because he didn’t want to worry Annawith his problems ,he knew that Anna was a happy woman except when he worried her with his silences ( page 28)
He was used to boats, his memories of childhood holidays were of fishing with his father. He was always stressed because of his work , he didn’t know what to do and this make his feel worried because he didn’t know if his boss would fire him and his work will disappear even though he didn’twant that Anna know all that problems.
He was a very joker person (on page 12) , he said to Anna that he preferred Ella Fitzgerald than her , but obviously was only a joke. Stephen was interested in getting people to talk about themselves an it was easier than talking about himself ( page 30 ). He enjoyed the office politics and the competition for new business, it made him feel alive and at thecentre of things ( page 31) , he likes night driving ( page 97 ), the death of his father had hit him hard , he left Stephen full of things , he had wanted to say to him a lot of things ( page 38)

* Anna Martins: Aged thirty, She worked like a nurse. She lived in London and she was married to Stephen for ten years. He has short blond hair. She loved his job like a nurse , even though sheknew that was difficult and hard she loved and made the best for out stand. Her nurse’s cap sat comfortably on her hair ( page 8 )
She liked Mozart , she enjoyed listening to his music ( page 11)
She had been working at st Philips since she had finished her training. She talked so openly about tristan’s physical appareance , and she looked like she didn’t bother to say that kind of things, annaloved the fresh air , the sun, she loved to swimming ( page 26 ) . She loved to resolve crosswords ( page 39 )

* Tristan Goddard: early thirties , he lived and worked in Polreath as a fisherman, he run boat trips for visitors in the summer and he was the owner of Dolphin Cottage. He had a degree in civil engineering ( page 54) , he always had to say what he was thinking (page50)
He lovedpolreath , he believed that was an awesome place to live because it had all all the things that a person can need and all the things that a person can want. He had the most amazing eyes Anna had never seen, he had the eyes like the sea , they have a color like dark blue, that seemed to look through you and he was tall and slim and he had a beauty legs

* Jill: Tristan’s girlfriend . Used tolived in Polreath, she refused to live in polreath , she said that she was to dead in winter ( page 15) . She spoke at the phone with Tristan but they two knew that the whole thing was over ( page 16 ), she was a tall woman with short dark hair ( page 66 ) she got a job in singapure ( page 71 )

1. I think that a situation is when Anna didn’t bother to help Stephen with hisproblems , actually she knew that it was no use asking directly. And even though she knew that something was worrying him but she said that she was too tired and that she will resolve all the things when she get time and energy. I think that that is a situation that happen a lot in our lives because usually the people around us need an advice or need support and we only said like later and we don’t do...
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