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Accio - summoning charm

Aguamenti – water emerges from tip of wand

Alohomora – unlocks doors

Aparecium – makes invisible ink become invisible again
Avada Kedavra – the killing curse (unforgivable)

Avis – birds fly out of wand

Bubble-Head Charm – used to breathe underwater
Cave Inimicum - a charm used to protect an area
Colloportus - makes doors sealthemselves
Confringo - causes the target to explode
Confundo - causes confusion on the targeted person 

Crucio – torturing curse (unforgivable)

Deletrius –a spell used to make things disappear or vanish

Densaugeo – causes front teeth to grow abnormally large

Diffindo – used to cut objects

Dissendium – a spell used to open or reveal secret passages

Enervate – revives someonewho has been stunned or in a unconscious state
Episkey - a spell which can be used to heal people
Evanesco - makes things dissapear

Expecto Patronum – used to repel dementors

Expelliarmus – disarming spell
Fereverto - transfigures creatures into a chalice

Ferula – used to create a sling

Fidelius Charm – used to conceal a secret within the responsible secret keeper

FiniteIncantatem – finishes a spell
Flagrate - marks whatever pointed at with a fiery red X
Flagranate Charm - a charm that makes items burn you when they are touched

Furunculus curse – causes boils to appear on target’s face
Gemino Charm - a spell that makes things multiply when touched, but the copies are useless

Homorphus Charm – turns a werewolf back into a person

Impedimenta –slows down an attacking opponent

Impervious – used to repel water on glasses

Incendio – produces a fire
Imobulus - makes moving objects immoble

Imperio – complete control spell (unforgivable)

Levicorpus – (nonverbal) hangs the target upside down in the air by the ankles
Liberacorpus -(nonverbal) the spell that undoes the result of the Levicorpus spell
Locomotor Charm - acharm when put on an object makes it move

Locomotor Mortis – leg-locking curse

Lumos – produces a light from the tip of a wand

Mobiliarbus – moves objects

Mobilicorpus – moves ghosts that can’t move by themselves

Morsmordre – produces a dark mark

Muffliato – makes other people not be able to hear a conversation because of unidentifiable buzzing

Nox – extinguishes the light ofthe Lumos spell

Obliviate – a very powerful memory charm which causes a person to forget everything

Orchidious – produces flowers

Petrificus Totalus – full body bind spell
Point Me - the incantation used to make the wand act as a compass and point north

Portus – makes the item pointed at a portkey

Priori Incantato – makes the wand identify the last spell produced by it through aghost-like image, aslo see Priori Incantatem in Terms section
Protego - protects from harmful spells

Quietus – a spell used to lower your voice

Reducio – decreases the size of something

Reducto – blasts objects out of the way

Relashio – causes a person or thing to release anything they are holding or bounding, or, if used underwater, sends a jet of boiling water

Reparo – repairsthings
Repello Muggletum - repells against muggles around the designated area

Rictasempra – tickling charm

Ridikulus – turns a boggart into whatever a person is thinking of
Salvio Hexia - a protection charm
Scourgify - cleans things out

Sectasempra – makes deep cuts in the skin

Serpensortia – makes a snake emerge from the tip of the wand
Silencio - makes all noise ceaseSonorous – amplifies your voice

Stupefy – powerful stunning spell
Tarantallegra - makes a persons legs uncontrolably dance
Tergeo - a spell that cleans somthing off
Undetectable Extension Charm - makes things have extended space within, without increacing the size of the object
Waddiwasi - shoots out a wad of gum out

Wingardium Leviosa – floats objects into the air...
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