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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2012
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Dear Grandmother.

I have to tell you about my vacation at the beach. I'm having a fantastic, if I lived on the beach I could swim every day.
Anyway, I'm having a blast. A day at the beach to be apelican that had rolled a few waves, he could not fly and I could take a picture from far fence, had a huge beak and was great, then we leave him alone so he could fly again.
That night I washaving my room arranged by the maid and my family and I ate some delicious hot dogs that my mom had prepared.
That was the end of a great day.
The next day we visited the village fences that beach and hadbreakfast tacos and then we went to the pools because we had the pool sanitized by the owners of the beach.
And we got a while to swim and play, and it was fun.
But that's not all the excitement ofour trip, there was a day we wanted to go fishing with fishing rods that we arm ourselves and it worked, if I were a fisherman I could be the best fisherman.
We managed to catch some thirteen fishes,but were rather small and still was a great day.
Then my cousins ​​and I were having our fish cooked by our parents,and thought of the fish we were going to eat it made ​​me salivate.
Still notend this journey and I had fun and pretty, if I had more day son the beach, I could laugh some more.
But this trip is ending, and I'll see you soon, meanwhile I will continue having fun in theremainder of the holiday.
Oh, by the way, I forgot, you have your camera looked after by my father, so do not worry.
And to conclude I will tell you that the waves are very dangerous in these days butstill will fight against the sea to practice my surfing,and soon you will see me at home grandmother.
Wish you were here with me Grandma, if you were here with me, you could be happy on the beach.
Notlong to go so is all of me and I love you, see you soon.
I have to go, just one more thing, when we go on vacation to the beach would wish to come your grandma, really.
So until then, I love you...
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