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Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809)
Symphony No.87 in A major

Haydn composed a set of six symphonies which are known as the "Paris Symphonies". Symphony no. 87 inA Major is the last symphony of this group. Between the 1760-1790's Haydn worked as the Kapellmeister of the Esterhazy family making him one of the most prominentcomposer's around Europe. In Paris, Haydn was an acclaimed composer. The audience loved his music, and many orchestras were playing his compositions. The count ofOgny Claude-François-Marie Rigolet commissioned the Paris Symphonies. ***This symphony, no. 87 in A Major, was composed for a very large size orchestra althoughthe French orchestra “Le Concert de la Loge Olympique” was much big.***
This symphony was composed in 1785, the instrumentation is flute, two oboes, two bassoons,two horns in A and strings. The approximately duration is 21 minutes , and like most of the composition at that time, at the top of the score reads “In NomineDomini” which is the Latin for “In the name of the Lord.”

The First Movement is Vivace in the metric of 4/4. Is a joyful and humoristic movement, the melody isdoubled most of the time between first violins and flute with an interesting ostinato accompaniment starting with the second violin and then joined by the violasand celli. Is interesting to hear the modulation to an a minor section in the development of the movement, creating a tension in the harmony and a change of mood.This section transforms the piece into a serious and dramatic character that later on the recapitulation goes back to the initial joyful character .
Second Movement