Health situation in haity

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ENGLISH 125 – MARCH 2010
Dr. Emilda C. Rivera Pacheco


General Instructions and Grading Guide (100 points)

This projecthas two parts, a research paper and an oral presentation of the report. Each group of students will select a topic of interest related to the current events in Haiti or Chile andresearch will be carried out on the topic selected to complete the report. At least three references are required.

Use the information that follows as sections of the documents to besubmitted.


Section I. Topic selected (2 points)

Section 2. Thesis statement (5 points)

Section 3. Individual annotated bibliographies (10 points)

Section 4.Research questions to guide the work (5 points)

Section 5. Essay content outline:

I. Introduction: (6 points)
A. Hook
B. Connecting information
C. Thesis statement

II.Research question One (2 points)

III. Research question Two (2 points)

IV. Research question Three (2 points) [*The group may have other questions. Three is theminimum.]

V. Conclusion (Restate the thesis statement, give an opinion, offer a recommendation, or predict outcomes) (5 points)

Section 6. The Essay (Follow correction rubricpreviously distributed.) (40 points)

Section 7. References:
At least three references in APA format on a separate page. (10 pnts.)

General format and appearance of documents1. Front page with name of institution, name of student, course and section numbers, date submitted, and professor’s name. (5 points)

2. Sections organizedas requested. (2 points)

3. Standard indented, double spaced paragraphs in the essay.(2 points)

4. Good, clean print with good font (# 11 or 12). (2 points)
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