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* Plants have been used in different ways. Some of them are cultivated for food; others are used as alternative medicine and, sometimes are used as decoration.
* Nowadays, the use of alternative medicine has increased. People are looking how to use the plants to improve their health and well-being and avoid diseases.
* Every culture in the world has at somepoint used plants as a basis for its medicine, that reason provoked the appearance of Herbalism. It is a science that studies how plants can have a powerful effect on our body.
* Herbalism is growing in its popularity. People are becoming concerned about the negative effects of synthetic drugs and have the desire to take charge of their own health.
* More people arediscovering every day that correct use of plants is an effective and inexpensive form for health care.
* So, Herbalism is the study of the medicinal properties and applications of the plants and its extracts.
* The use of plants as medicines is an activity that exists since the human history.
* Many medicines are made of vegetal and can be used safely for the alleviation ofillnesses.
* Nowadays, Herbalism is associated with phytotherapy and together are fed as much of Eastern Herbalism, the Hindu tradition and the Chinese Herbalism.
* In Ecuador, our ancestors used herbs like remedies for relieve symptoms and cure diseases. There were different ways to administrate medicinal plants, such as oil, tea, towel, drink, syrup, etc.
* Almost all the typesof herbs have compound that allows creating a remedy. When you want to use a plant, the principal compound always is on the root, stem and leaves, depending of each plant and its function.

Species of Herbs in Ecuador
* A research reported 5172 species of useful plants in all Ecuador, which means that three of each ten species are useful for people.
* In Ecuador exists around 500species of medicinal plants known.
* The 80% of the Ecuadorian people depend of the consumption of medicinal plants and its products for their health and well-being.

* Herbs have a very important role in our society. They are used as an alternative medicine because their properties and compounds can improve health and preventdiseases.
* In Ecuador, some people sold herbs as tablets, syrup, capsules, extracts, fresh and dried plants. However, the administration of some herbs, without a guide can cause some health problems; therefore, you have to be careful with some of them. In our lifestyle is important encourage the consumption of medicinal plants because is a good way of take care of us and our money.

HERBALISMPlants are the first living organisms that appeared on the Earth. The word plant is commonly used as a synonym for naming other familiar organisms, such as trees, flowers, herbs, grasses, vines, ferns and green algae. All these elements belong to the plant kingdom.
Herbs have a variety of uses including culinary, medicinal, and in some cases spiritual usage. Every culture in the world has, atsome point, used plants as a basis for its medicine. That reason contributed to the appearance of Herbalism. It is a branch of medicine specializing in the study of the different properties of herbs and how to use them to cure and avoid illness in our bodies.
The use of herbs as medicines is a practice activity that has existed since the beginning of human history. The principal places where theuse of herbs as medicine had a strong development were Samaria, Ancient Egyptian and India. China was the first country that published an herbal book, the Shennong Bencao Jing, lists 365 medicinal plants and their uses. The ancient Greeks and Romans established the bases that allowed the modern development of Herbalism. In Ecuador, our ancestors used herbs as remedies to relieve symptoms and cure...
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