Herramientas de alta colaboraión

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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2012
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Herramientas de colaboración en proyectos

ESI International
The Top Ten Project Management Trends for 2012
By J. LeRoy Ward, PMP, PgMP

“From the ascendancy of social media to the structuredimplementation of collaboration tools by the PMO and the steady rise of communities of practice, we are fast approaching a tipping point".

“Those project organizations that do not exploit suchcollaborative channels and technology will risk missing the most promising combination of force multipliers of the decade.”

As the project environment grows in complexity, project management willrequire team, stakeholder and executive collaboration in 2012 like never before.

Innovative project tools and smarter resource management will be essential for driving the greatest business impactprojects require a highly advanced set of skills supported by appropriate tools and methods to successfully execute.

Collaboration Software Solutions Will Become an Essential Business Tool for ProjectTeam; today’s environment demands a more efficient way to manage communication and workflow.

Learning Transfer Will Become the New Mantra, But with Little Structured Applicatio; In 2012, we willsee many organizations discussing the importance of learning transfer without really putting in place a structured approach to ensure it happens.

Agile has confronted project teams with thedifficulty of implementing the experimental and hyper-collaborative approach. To transition an organization into fully adopting certain aspects of Agile, project teams are combining traditional and Agileelements to create their own hybrid approach.

The “smart” money will be spent on driving costs out of the business. Given the high premium being placed on efficient processes delivered throughprojects, BPM (Business Process Management) is a key concept with which project managers will need to be intimately familiar.

Internal Certifications in Corporations and Federal Agencies Will Eclipse...
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