Hip hop

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Hip Hop which is a culture or a lifestyle started in the late 1960’s and the Official Birthday of Hip Hop is November 12, 1974.

Hip-hop music was first introduced at Bronx located in New York Cityby a Jamaican DJ, named Clive Campbell a.k.a “Kool Herc”(who was born in 1955 at Kingston, Jamaica).

Hip hop music and rap are two inseparable terms and are used synonymously. The word “rap” wasderived in the 1960’s, from a slang word that basically meant conversation. Rap is speaking up rhythmically in rhymes with style and is generally along with beats. Rap also represents the recordingaspects of hip hop.

The history of hip-hop music can be classified into various categories like hip-hop music, hip-hop dancing, hip-hop art and hip-hop fashion.

Hip hop music isfunky and is accompanied by a vocal style which is popularly known as rap along with rhythmic backing beats. Hip hop music can be divided into two eras, with one being the old school era (1970-1985) andthe other was the golden age era (1985-1993).

Old School Hip Hop:-
The earliest commercial hip hop music came from old school of rock. The sounds, image and style of this era was represented bypeople like The Treacherous Three, Afrika Bambaataa, Fab 5 Freddy, Fat Boys, Grandmaster Flash, Furous Five and Kool Herc etc. However, old school went into a decline when the golden era of hip hop musicwas introduced.

Golden Age:-
The era of golden age was characterized by influence, quality, innovation and diversity. Political militancy and Afrocentricity became popular themes of this form ofmusic. There was greater emphasis on experimenting with this music in this era. Jazz also played an important role in popularizing this music. Public Enemy was undoubtedly the best face of golden eraof hip hop music. Some other well known figures of this era were Eric B. & Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers and De La Soul.

Hip Hop Greatest Moments:-
One of the greatest moments of...
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