Historia bizantina

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Israel later events:
This paraghraph tell us about what happened with Israel after Solomon’s death. The Kingdom was divided into a Northern Kingdom(Israel) and a Southern Kingdom. The NorthernKingdom was caprured by the Babylonians. The tibes of the Northern Kingdom were scattered, and the people of Judah were carried away to cativity in Babylon. Orly a small parto f Jews returned to Palestineto rebuild the Temple. Eventually the Jews came under greek and roman rule.
They were homeless after the destruction of Jerusalem, not until 1948.

They are the nation of God. But theydisobeyed His commands so He sent lots of Empires to give them a lesson.

Section review 2

1. Give three names for the land promised to Abraham. What three religions view this land as theHoly Land?
Canaan, Palestine, or Israel. Judaism, Christianity, islam.
2. What two cities marked the northern and southern limits of Israel in Old Testament times?
From Dan to Beersheba.
3. Whatwas important about Israel’s geographic location?
It has the greatest variety of climate and topography of any country in the world. It was the main highway of the ancient world.
4. What did God giveto the people of Israel at Mt. Sinai?
A convenant.
5. What were the terms of the convenant that the people of Israel made with God at Mt. Sinai?
A summary of the basic principles of morality, thatthey will be His special people if Israel obeyed.
6. What ancient seafaring people carried an early form of alphabet to the Mediterranean world?
The Greeks called them Phoenicians, they were fromthe city of Gebal.
7. Who were the two great kings of the united monarchy of Israel? What were some accomplishments?
King David and his son King Solomon.
David brought the Ark of convenant, andSolomon build the Lord’s Temple.
8. What happened to the nation of Israel after King Solomon’s death?
They divided into two. They were captive.
9. In what year did the Romans destroy Jerusalem?
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