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A History of Britain
By Fiona Beddall

More than 2,000 years of times past are brought to life in
this lively and interestingaccount of Britain’s history. It
reveals the main events, characters and movements that
have made Britain the country it is today. Although a small
country, Britain’s history is important on the worldstage, and
this book places Britain within its world context. Beginning
with the Romans’ invasion of Britain in 55bc, the book follows
Britain’s history in a broadly chronological order, though thechapters are organised thematically. Feature boxes within
the main body of the text also describe some of the most
famous characters from British history in more depth. Some
social history, as wellas political history, is also covered.
Chapter 1 is called ‘Invaders’, and it covers the period of
British history from 55bc until the last successful invasion of
Britain by a foreign army in1066. After the Romans came
the Angles and Saxons, the Vikings and then the Normans.
Each of these different invaders during these early years
had an important influence on Britain, its language,culture
and its people. The chapter profiles one of Britain’s most
spirited heroines – Boudica. She fought fiercely against the
Romans for the right to govern her own people and land.
Chapter 2explains the complicated relationships between
the four countries which comprise ‘The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland.’ (These are England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.) Thechapter pays
particular attention to the long and difficult relationship
between England and Ireland, and the causes of the
religious and social tensions that still exist between the two
Chapter 3 – ‘God and Government’ – covers the part
of British history known as the Tudor period. It describes
the reigns of Henry VIII and his children (most notably,
Queen Elizabeth I)....
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