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Possible Exam Questions
(a) Name the activities of the Youth Group.
The Nazi Youth or Youth Group was an organisation set up by Adolf Hitler, and its main purpose was to avoid parental influence on the ideals and beliefs of the children. As it had to attract the young people, it offered a large variety of leisure pursuits.
Boys andgirls were then able to enjoy those fun activities, such as weekend trips, walking and lots of sports, which were really good welcomed by the kids. They played many games, and enjoyed many fun pursuits, such as hiking, singing and camping.
The Youth Group converted many activities in well-organised competitions, not only were there contests for the best performances in sport and work, but alsoeach unit wanted to have the best-kept home, or the most interesting travel album.
However, when the war started, they found themselves doing all sorts of different jobs to help sustain the war effort on the domestic front.

(a) Describe Nazi policies towards women.
The Nazis ensured there was a natural distinction between men and women. Theyconsidered men to be the productive and creative sex in the big world of politics and war; and women to be the reproductive sex, whose role was to act as wives or Mothers. They could only work on social jobs (such as nursing), which did not endanger their reproductive ability.
Nazi policies towards the family were focused particularly on women because they were worried about the fallingbirth-rate and the racial quality of the population.
Some of the main measures taken to improve the birth-rate of the racially pure German people were that large families were substained with rent, water and electricity rebates; women were rewarded with medals, according to the number of children they have had; families were offered a large amount of money if the women gave up work; and even the divorcelaws were atended to make it easier to end with childless marriages.
However, not all women benefited from these measures. Socialist, pacifist, Sinti, Roma, and Jewish women were forbidden to have children as their race was considered to be inferior.
When war preparations started, Nazis began to encourage women so that they returned to work again. Altough they were already used to domesticity andmotherhood, and the number of employed women was minimum.


(a) Describe the policies of the workers.
After signing the Treaty of Versailles, the German economy had been destabilised and the number of unemployed men had massively increased. But when the dictatorship of Hitler started, he was able to reduce that unemployed quantity, as itwas a priority for his government.
The German Labour Front was set up to organise workers and direct them to jobs that needed doing. Public works, such as afforestation projects, water conservation schemes and the builiding of houses, barracks and motorways, got thousands of men back to work.
Once Nazis were in power, Party membership increased along the following years. Their members were notjust motivated by the Nazi ideals, but also because for many Nazi followers, their jobs, status and even the necessities of life depended upon their commitment to the party. Other government organisations, like the Labour Front were big employers too. Jobs for the boys also benefited many Germans.


(a)How did Adolf Hitler reduce unemployment?The German economy had really suffered serious consequences the years after signing the Treaty of Versailles, such as a great destabilisation. This also caused an increase in the number of unemployed workers. However, Adolf Hitler was then able to get them back to work.
First, he introduced public works, such as afforestation projects, and he ordered to build new motorways and large, complex...
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