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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Asian Art
the art has differents ways to be seen, in our group whe wants to show how the art can be depeloved in differenet ways to be listened, touched, looked and believed

The Asian music is a tiled of traditions and styles that recover the heritage of various villages and cultures.This music has different styles, that’s depend the culture of the country or thevillage.I will give you styles of some countries:
China:The traditional music in China is the compositions that last on the time and that will remain last for more years in the future. China have diversetowns and for that reason have different types of traditional music that correspond in each village. This music has poetry and the lyric drama that serve to calm the suffering and express the humansensations. In Chinese music are used different instruments like tejoletas, citara, yu, sheng and carillones de piedra.
India: Are divided in the karnatáca music that was mean traditional music ofIndia, this was listen and composite in the south of India. For the other hand exist the Indostani music that was mean classic music, this was listen and composite in the north of India but this have acomposite more strict and theoretical than the karnataca. The Indian music was very antique and they used two important instruments that are the shennai (wind instrument) and the tavil (percussioninstrument).
Thailand: This music has Laotian origin, the more typical instrument is the Khen, and this is a wind instrument. The topics of the songs are Laotian stories, the life of the Buda andnationals deeds. The Thai music compiles instruments and stories of different Asian countries.
Conclusion:Each country of Asia has different styles, instruments and stories of his music.
II. SCULPTURESIts called sculpture because is the art of modeling the mud , to carve in stone, wood or others materials, most of all we are talking about volume figures.

The sculpture was...