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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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They are only feelings ...
What is inside me ....
It is RAP!
It'swhat I feel,
what is asleep
which takes into
what you get out
is what I feel
in verse
is more thanrap
is our truth ...
It's pure feeling,
I need to do rap
because it fulfills me more
than youcan imagine
because two Hs are my life
and it always will be
are pen and paper hearts
is that never left me.
It's notrap for doing something
is rap because I feel
because this is just
I live every moment
because feelings plasmo
I write every line
is to give life to my notebook.
Is the book of my history
each page is a day
because rapgets away from the monotony
this is my world
the only world they want,
because to be happy
not need your money.
AndI like being a prisoner of rap
I need nothing more
to be in my reality
away from evil
who just want to see my finalgoes beyond rap
What this really feels.
Poque there is always a dead feeling in that heartbreaking,
but rap REVIVIO that feeling and hit pieces,of the heart,
that only beats for their cause
when the charges kick inside to stay on hold,
no longer have standing because walking...
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