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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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comparison |
Australia | venezuela |
Location: Oceania, continent between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean | is a tropical country on the northern coast of South America. |Anthem: Advance Australia Fair | Anthem:  Glory to the Brave People |
National lenguaje : English | National lenguaje spanish |
Government: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutionalmonarchy | Goverment: Federal presidential republic |
Independence: from united kingdom in January 1 1901  | Independence: from spain July 5 1811  |
Climate: generally arid to semiarid |tropical; hot, humid |
Australians are cristian. | Venezuelan are cristian. |
Capital: Canberra | Capital caracas |
The people always mindful of not giving the impression that they think theyare better than anyone else. | Venezuelans are proud of their country and heritage. |
Australians prefer people who are modest, humble, self- deprecating and with a sense of humour.  |.Venezuelans are proud of their country and heritage. |
Australians place a high value on relationships. | Venezuelans pride themselves on their hospitality. |
They do not pay attention to your academiclevel | The family forms the basis of stability for most people. |
Dining EtiquetteIf you are invited to a Venezuelan's house: Arrive 15 to 30 minutes later than invited.
Never decline anoffer of coffee, as it is a symbol of hospitality to Venezuelans |  Dining EtiquetteArrive on time if invited to dinner Offer to help the hostess with the preparation or clearing up after a meal isserved. |
Business Meeting EtiquetteIt is better to arrive a few minutes early than to keep someone waiting.If you make a presentation making exaggerated claims | Business MeetingEtiquetteConfirm meetings by fax or emailVenezuelans are generally punctual for business meetings |
Business wearMen should wear a dark business suit. | Business wearMen should wear dark business suits |