Holy diver

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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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Holy diver
You've been down too long in the midnight sea
Oh what's becoming of me

Ride the tiger
You can see his stripes but you know he's clean
Oh don't you see what i mean

Gotta get away
Holy diver

Shiny diamonds
Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue
Something is coming for you

Race for the morning
You can hide in the sun 'till you see the light
Oh we will pray it'sall right

Gotta get away-get away

Between the velvet lies
There's a truth that's hard as steel
The vision never dies
Life's a never ending wheel

Holy diver
You're the star of the masquerade
No need to look so afraid

Jump on the tiger
You can feel his heart but you know he's mean
Some light can never be seen |
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Werse 1 

Well it's 3pm time to rock thegear, got to it on the stage, my musceles flex, my ***ing sweat will save the day. 
Course I ckeck the mic, I fucka check the mic, I fucka checka checka 1 2 3, 
I plug it in, I make it sound as good as it can be. 
Becourse the rock is rock, and the road is road, got'a take the mic, he got take control, got'a get that shit up on that ***ing stage. 
Yes the Roadie knows, what the Roadie knows,and the Roadie knows that he wears black clothes, and he hides off in the shadows of the stage.


Becourse the Roadie, looks a thoushand miles with his eyes,
and when the crowd raws, rains of tears drop to the Roadies eyes,tears of pride. 
Becourse his watching the show, but you will never know, 
his changing the strings, while hangin' in the wind, 
no matter how hard, the showmustgo on. 

Werse 2 

When a beautiful girl come to me she say, hey can i sucka your dick, 
and I'll say yes, i'm in love. 
And then she quikly say I sucked your dick,
now give me that backstage pas, I do not want you Roadie, 
I want KG's chode. 

Chorus 2

I'm standing at the fresh hole of your dreams,
without me there would be no sound from those amps,
without me there would be nolight on the stage, 
but you don't applaus for me. 

I i'm the Roadie, lonesome warrior searching for his soul, 
I i'm the Roadie, I make the rock go. 

Roadie, Roadie, Roadie.

Tenacious DLetra De Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage | | | |

Artista: Tenacious D Letras
Álbum: Rize Of The Fenix
Ano: 2012
Titulo: Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage |  Imprimir letra | Descarga "Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage" a tu móvil 
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Letra de Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage :
This is the ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Cage
Nothing could stop them when Jables and Rage hit the stage
and Hollywood Jack hit the big time and when to make movies
Rage Kage was left far behind inthe dust of his dreams

And he grumbled and growled and watched Hollywood Jack on Jay Leno
He bellowed and said he'd be nothing without help from Kage
he burned up the photos of Jables and Kage doing mushrooms
"Fuck him, I don't need no Hollywood jack anyway"

So Hollywood Jack lived up high on a hill in a bubble
and Rage Kage live deep in the broiling valley below

Yes, the rage Kagebubbled with rage
He looked at the ground
and he looked on the stage
The lava was throwing
and boiling inside the old Kage

As Hollywood Jack climbed the ladder of stardom before him
He watched as his indie credentials flew right out the door
He'd make millions and then he'd go out and he'd make even more millions
He'd screaned KG's calls and snorked coke of the ass of a whore

No onerespected him
They just rejected him
No one would represent Kage
Left on the streets of his dreams
He'd would cry, and he'd rage for the stage



Then Hollywood Jack got a message that Kage was in trouble
They send Kage away cause he had gone completely insane
So Hollywood Jack jumped upon a jetplane and flew all that night through
the rain
To be with his friend to see...
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