How to choose a pet?

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How to choose a pet?
Many children want a pet, but can you take adequate care of a pet? Are you up to the challenge? Do you have the responsibility to take on the care and feeding of a pet?
Thereare some who say that having a pet teaches responsibility, but it is important for the pet’s sake that you have some ability before you take a pet. You should know enough about the pet you want tojudge whether you can offer him a good home.
Many studies show the physical and emotional benefits of having a pet, but will the arrangement be beneficial for the animal? Recently, I visited an animalpreserve where lions and tigers which had been kept in homes and apartments were being cared for. Some suffered crippling because of poor nutrition. (Can you feed your lion a live gazelle?) Some wereinjured by being kept in cages too small for them or from being chained tightly. The former owners had taken them as small cubs and not realized what was involved in their care. This sad situationhappens often. Be sure you choose a suitable pet that you can take good care of.
Choose the right pet for your situation.
Review the rules and regulations for pets in your home. If you live on a farm, ina small house in town, on rental property, in an apartment, or in a housing complex, the rules will be different. Find out the rules for where you live
Research the types of animals you areinterested in. Read carefully about specific animals. Don’t assume that a monkey will be as easy to care for as a kitten. Know what noises the pet makes. What housing he will need. If an iguana needs a cagewith a perch will a birdcage do? What will you need for the pet? Can you provide it?
• Will you be able to feed the animal what he needs to stay healthy? How much and what kind of food will this petneed and what does it cost? Figure in growth and changing needs.
• What costs are involved? A vet’s service for a dog’s vaccinations can cost $100 or more a year. Be sure you can afford care.
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