Human rights

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Rojo Amanecer

Point of view of Jorge (Demian Bichir):
1 o’clock: I was getting ready along with my brother Sergio for the big gathering of all the members of the revolutionary movement againstthe government, we had picked up our propaganda and started going on our way to Tlatelolco plaza.
We arrived there quickly because we lived in the same facility complex of the plaza, but when wearrived it was already crowded with hundreds of students who came to rise against the government and their bad actions.

2 o’clock: We were in the plaza, we just watched how many protestants were, wewere amazed on the quantity, the overwhelming numbers of the movement, and we all were standing there, waiting for the leaders to arrive, and the session to start.

3 o’clock: Some of the smallleaders were arriving and the plaza was almost full, but people kept coming.

4 o’clock: Finally the big shots arrived, and the session could start, they started by telling us how the government wasrepressing the movement, and that we had to be careful from now on, and that we had a big responsibility on our hands, we had to fight the corruption, to break this darkness they have cast upon us, andthat we had to expose all the lies and bad actions for the world to see.

5 o’clock: As I was hearing the leaders talk, I started noticing some movement outside the plaza, some trucks were arriving,men came out of them and rushed inside the buildings, I was able to see a gun, so I thought they were policemen and I didn’t worried because I thought we were safe, until I heard a helicopter, and theguy next to me had said that if a chopper flied by, it was a sign or a signal to exterminate the movement.
6 o’clock: I pulled my brother as fast as I could, a few others followed me, and right aboutthe time we were going to enter the building, shots started to come from nowhere, and we rushed to our apartment to keep us safe, all of us.

Opinion: I can’t believe why the government didn’t...
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