Humans always need something to do

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  • Publicado : 27 de enero de 2011
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Something to do, are does pieces that completes the puzzles replacing the empty spaces, it’s a wonderfull filling that a person has when it does a thing insteadof not doing anything.
The book, that we are reading at class is kind of related with my thesis, they mention the return to home, while they will have some obstacles to catch the goal. The activityis the most appeared at the novel, that is related with the thesis that I’ve chossen. We also read a poem of abird, that was trapped at a jail, and he didn’t had freedom, so he sings as it was the onlything he could do. It’s related with my thesis also because if the bird can’t fly he will sing, so while he is at the jail the only thing he can do is sing, at the book the only thing the kids can dois not loose hope as the bird, and try to work, to arrive to their goal.
Most of the things we did in class this firsty/second trimester are related with my thesis, the movies, books, poems etc..The first movie we have saw was Alive. A movie about some people, that had a plane crash at the mountains. They were around snow. There were lots of people death, and they were trapped at the nowhere.People at civilication thought they were dead but at the end they worked together and the catch civilication and get rescued.
So at the book, poem, movie, at three of them they needed to work tosurvive.
The book we were reading was Lord of the Flies by William Goldenalso also who winned the award Noble Prize for literature, talks about a airplane crash at an island, with little child insidethat survives. The author develope a conflict with civilication vs uncivilized, who is Ralph’s group and Jack’s group. Two of the civilicated boys dye by the uncivilizated hands. At the end they getrescued becasue a try of hunting Ralph, but accidentaly a man saw the fire, and with his boat he goes rescue them.
Why did the author wrote in the book about a pig who talks, it didn’t do much, he...
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