Ict in elt unit 4

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Teaching Grammar

Unit 4: The Deductive Approach to Teaching Grammar


|Student’s name |Gabriel Rodriguez Treviño Group: C|
|This document includes the taskyou are required to do for unit 4. |
|Read the instructions for the task carefully before you do it.|
|When you have finished it, save the task-document in the portfolio. Then, submit it by the due date following the instructions given |
|in the AcademicGuide. |

Portfolio Task: The Deductive approach to teaching grammar
Part 1
•Once you have read the contents and analyzed the sample lessons.
• Choose one that you may adapt to your teaching context. Answer the questions:
I chose:Lesson_1_Using_a_rule_explanation_to_teach_question_formatio

1. Why did you choose this lesson?
Because it understandable for the 4th. Grade which have a basic concept of grammar and understandthe rules.

2. Would you teach it as it is? What adaptations would you need to do in order to teach it appropriately?
It looks understandable as it is; I would not need to make anychanges to it.

- Would you explain the same grammar point?
Yes, I would also like to stress the step 5 in which they have different ways to use the new words.

-Would you use the same procedure? Would you modify it? How?
The only way to modify it would probably to use two sessions if the students needed it. Otherwise, I would use the same one....
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