Immigration in the united states

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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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Immigration in the United States
By Annia Martinez
Sullivan University

The immigration into United States historically has been related with the pursuit of the American Dream and motivations associated with a better quality of life. The purpose of this paper is to analyze some of the facts related to the immigration in United States in our days. This paper will also analyze someof the myths that have been around the immigrant population through the years. A common argument is, whether they are the cause of the unemployment in U.S or not, and whether they are responsible for an increase in the crime rate. The paper will also examine the high skilled migration and the benefits they have brought into America.


Currently, the international migration has become aglobal phenomenon. Most of the migration from every geographic region of the world is due to motivations related to the search for a higher quality of life. The immigration to United States is not an exemption. Historically, people from the whole world feel attracted to idea to immigrate to United States because of the promise of freedom and opportunities. But in the last years, there has been anincrease of a violent reaction against immigrants in United States that has lead to measures limiting the rights of the immigrants. The purpose of this paper is to examine facts related to the U.S immigration and some of its contradictions and myths.
Many are the labels that are affixed to the immigrant population in our days: illegal, aliens, criminals, troublemakers, etc. Obviously, none ofthe imposed labels make honor to these people and not even describe the conditions that cause the immigration. Once these people decide to leave their native countries and immigrate to United States, they are determined and prepared to start over in a different nation, with a different culture and in the most of the case with an unknown language that the will have to learn. Most people agree thatone of the main reasons for migration into the United States is because of the abundance of jobs together with the yearning for the American Dream which has been an incentive in the imagination of the immigrants since the beginning of the U.S nation. Another reason to immigrate is the fact that United States due to its economic wealth and large middle-class possesses well-known universitiesworldwide recognized. On the other hand, there are persons who just want to immigrate to join their family and relatives already living in U.S.
There has been always a contradiction about whether or not immigrants are the cause of a rise in the unemployment in United States. Some Americans would even act against them, just because of the idea that immigrants are taking their jobs. But thetruth is that most of the immigrants that immigrate into U.S are coming with the idea of founding new businesses in the country. By doing this, they are not only creating new jobs, they will also buy houses and they will spend their income purchasing American goods and services. In other words, immigrants are actually contributing to the U.S economy.
Despite the historical assimilation ofthe American society towards the immigrants, nowadays Americans often tend to blame the inflow of immigrants for an increase of the crime rate in U.S. Nevertheless, according to the Uniform Crime Reports released each year by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) there has been a decline of both, violent crime and property crime at the same time that the foreign born population has grown(Rumbaut and Walter, 2007 p. 6). Contemporary immigrants come to America to get ahead and establish a better life in their new home. On the other hand, illegal immigrants of first generation (those born outside the United States), especially Mexicans, are motivated to work and they don’t want to be deported. Therefore their situation will force them to be stay out of troubles and being arrested....
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