Ideal mate

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|Name: Christian Emanuel Flores Garcia |Student´s number: 2582033 |
|Course title: English class|Teacher’s name: Rene Tornez |
|Module: 1 |Activity: 1 ||Date: January, 19th, 2012 |Team: |

I have a long list of qualities and attributes that I would like for my ideal mate to posses.
I would like for her alot of things but the first thing that I see is the heart, the spiritual principles because the most important quality about a girl for me are the virtues because those are the things that remain forthe years, the humility, the simplicity, loyal, honest, sincere amd the love based in virtues, because it make a strong love and a strong person.
But if talk about the appearance I like a cute girl,with a long black hair, a beautiful and angelic face, I don’t care a lot about the body but my preference is a thin body.

We need to have a lot of comun interests like make a family, trust in God,live a biblical life, make a cristian home, travel, the number of the kids, it doesn´t matter if she like another team of foot ball or if she doesn’t like the sports but I want a girl who I can make herhappy and know that she will be a great mother, teaching our kids the way of God.

She should be able to openly communicate her thoughts and feelings
and share everything that is important to herwith me. I would like for our relationship to be the kind of loving, trusting relationship that everyone aspires to have.
We will have such a strong bond that nothing will ever be able to tear us...
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