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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2010
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"landscape with the fall of Icarus"
According three sources from Ovid, Brueghel, and Williams which are the story of Daedalus and Icarus, the painting and poem of landscape with The Fall of Icarus,human beings are selfish and jealous in an older and lower class society by they using different effects to show Icarus’s death.

In the poem of “landscape with the fall of Icarus”, William CarlosWilliams suggests that human selfish being had got into people who lived in a simple lower life. At the beginning, it talks about the season in the quote of “when Icarus fell. It was spring”.“Spring” is a warm and wonderful season, which symbols for new life. But at same time, Icarus is felling into the sea. Therefore, it makes the effect of Irony to preview Icarus’s ending. By the second part,there’s “a farmer was ploughing his field; the whole pageantry of the year was awake.” There is a framer working with his field, and he should see what happen. In fact, he doesn’t talk any actions to saveIcarus, who he can see that dropped into water. The thing he only does that is farming. Here reflects the people think working becomes to more important that saving a life. This is the sight ofpeople only act for themselves by nothing except. At the end, the quote of “a splash quite unnoticed” shows the dreary and desolate to surround Icarus’s drowning.

In the painting of “landscape with fallof Icarus”, this was created by Pieter Bruegel. The yellow part seems that is the sun rising or falling, then it described as a new life or a life has been end. Looking at the all picture, thebackground looks like the Era of 19th century. On the top of left side, there’s a flourished city build between the ocean and huge mountains. It’s totally different and for away from the village on thefront of painting. Then, there are some people’s feeding, farming and fishing in the small village. Meanwhile, it shows most of mountains are without lots of plats, just have few tree which are not...
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