Industrializacion en america

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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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Industrialization in the United States
Does United States Industrialization cause only distress? In the late 19th century the industrialization is bittersweet because people are pleased with thesource of work but at the same time are unhappy with the conditions in which they work. Moreover, any change that human beings face in their personal or business scope is to improve. However, anychange brings challenges and discrepancies. For instance, workers’ life changes with industrialization, children were part of this era with labor demand, and women play an important role in this changetoo.
Certainly, industrialization has some positive effects on the United States; it improves living standard for industrial society as well as for working class. According to a coal mine operator,he is little better off today than when he started to do by himself (38, 39). Therefore, the majority of workers complain about the working conditions. Workers have to work more than eight hoursdaily and sometimes they work more than 60 hours per week; then, even they are tired but they are also happy because they are going to be able to put food in their tables. Thus, these long working hoursinjure their health. Also, health is a very important issue in this era because they earn money enough for living but not to be health insured. Nevertheless, between 1906 and 1907, 526 people arekilled by accidents in their work (35). However, all these issues are paving the way to a fairly law that protect workers conditions and in turn improve the living standards of workers’ families.On the other hand, industrialization gives opportunity to everyone, including women and children, to earn money and learn a new skill. Although, for now let’s see what is women role in this period.Women work in their houses as hand-weavers; later, they start working out their house, of course, the new role of women is criticized because that role is not in their culture; culture where women...
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